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As a result our hard work and selective local buying we have been accepted as a member of ‘Taste of the West,’ a regional food and drink trade organisation that welcomes members that use and actively promote local and regional produce in the South West. Our ‘Scores on the Doors’ is the highest five star rating.

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Your Food is our Business

We at Sins, have taken a very different approach to mobile catering.

Ask most people what they would expect from a 'burger van' or general mobile catering unit and they would probably describe the majority of them as being aesthetically and hygienically disappointing; selling truly predictable menu items that are not only of a poor quality, greasy, bland and overpriced.

We at Sins are very proud to have succeeded in building a reputation for providing “extraordinarily good food.” For instance, our bread is handmade and baked daily by a local baker, our eggs are free range from a local farm, the sausages and bacon are both South West Gold award winners, our Cheddar is an award winning West Country cheese.

We feel that mobile catering is entering a new phase. There has been a significant change in perceptions and attitudes; people are no longer willing to accept poor standards and unappetising menus, their expectations are more discerning. We are not saying that the good old ‘burger and chips’ is no longer desirable, quite the opposite; however, let them be made from the best ingredients that may cost a little more, but taste wonderful.

Consequently, we have created a range of delicious mouth-watering menus, using only the finest ingredients, that offer something ‘a little different’ whilst still retaining the traditional choices.